GOD Family & Career concluded. #3 of the 3 part INTRODUCTION.

On this 3rd and final segment, which makes up the 3 part introduction, I want

to blend all three topics:  1. GOD

2. Family

3. Career

into the one BLOG.  So here goes!!

Well here I am now, I’m 41 years old , happier than I’ve ever been in a deep

foundational sense. That foundation started to come together at 37 years old.

Changes began taking place, inside, that allowed me to move forward into

where I am now.  Those changes went like this:

I started noticing a woman at my sons school. I began to try and have quick

conversations with her and also asking female friends of mine, that knew her,

to tell me about her.  She also ( I found out ) had kids from a past

relationship that did not work out ( like me ).  Niether of us had been married.

My attraction and interest in her began to build. ( by the way she was some-

-what elusive to try and talk to. They would last about 10 seconds and she’d

go. )   ( I started to think she must not be interested in me. )  I have a song from

my last album written about this very time; about me pursuing her.  It’s called

“Cloudless Sky”.

So I decided, after some time, to write her a letter and tell her all…and I did.

Now here we are, with our 7 kids between us; married; happy and very busy.

P.S. We have a beautiful daughter, that GOD has given us, named Lily. She

is number 7 of the kids.

Then something miraculous happened!  At the age of 40 it seemed GOD

decided to confirm this relationship I’d been having with him.  I had begun

the “Course in Miracles” book (which I did complete).  The book was Christian

orientated, which bothered me, but I decided to ignore it and go on with it.  I

think this book started to prepare me, in a way, for what happened 3 months

into it.

During the Winter of 2011, as a 40 year old man: “John MacArthur”, a

Christian Pastor, came in no uncertain terms, proclaiming the word of GOD,

into my ears, through my ipod.

I’d never heard of this man. It was not planned. Nor had I ever heard a

Christian sermon in my life.

I was happily listening to community radio Jazz music before John MacArthur

came on and basically, through GOD, changed the very foundations that I

called “my life”.

I will leave it there.  There is so much more to say on this but, let me say:  I am

now a completely born again, devoted Christian. Totally inspired by the truth

of GOD, the Bible, love going to Church and have given all my life, my music,

my relationships into GODs sovereign hands.

Now that leads me to my much loved life of MUSIC.  Words won’t do for how

much in love with music I am. Always have been, always will be.

Although my big dreams of a music career did not turn out, I must say that

I am still hoping for, and working, dedicatedly, to having a much humbler,

perhaps, music career.  Providing for my kids and my wife.  Working for GOD

through my music.  Moving people, overall, positively.

I love SONGS so much.  Love the “art of songwriting”.  Love other songwriters.

…and this all brings me to right NOW… the writing of my new album, which is

the writing of 12 new songs,written about the 12 apostles, 1 song per apostle.

And so I invite you along with me in the writing process of the new album!

You can do this by keeping up with these BLOGS.  I’ll be putting up home done

videos of each song, as they’re written, playing them on my acoustic guitar for

you to hear.  Also, I’ll be talking about things inspiring me in my Christian

life on the BLOGS.  Plus I will be sharing SONGWRITING tips with you on

the BLOGS.

Family 2011


Blessings to you,

Prayers to you,

Sincerely, Carl SilverRiver.

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INTRODUCTION #2 – GOD, Family and Career.

Dad & son 1999

Dad & son 1999

OK, so here I am doing the follow up BLOG to the 1st.

On the first, I said I will continue this time, with by way of the story, that has got me here now.

Let me start with Family:

Family:  Well at 27 years old I fell, head over, in love with a young Woman of 25, who would become the Mother of my son.

As I look back at that time, abstractly, I can say that our foundations for each other, as a long lasting relationship wern’t there. (we never did marry).

Love – YES

Good hearts – YES

2 years later I ended the relationship.  Our boy was 1 & a bit.  I am not proud of it.  Much suffering pursued for the next 7 years.

I will continue with one more segment of Family next BLOG.

So now attempted career:

Attempted Career:  As that suggests, I did fail!  What I failed at; well; was being a: FAMOUS MUSICIAN in a WORLD WIDE FAMOUS BAND!

BIG plans for a little ol’ Oakville boy!

I was as keen as they come. I had a good band – we were called – SPINIFEX.  Great lead singer.

We could all play and we did that from about 1993 to 1997.  We got somewhere; things did happen; but so did life, and by around 27 years old changes started calling,

and they came fast.

I will continue with one more segment on attempted career next BLOG.

Now GOD:   This is a big one; and can be uncomfortable depending on who’s reading.

Let me start with major events-   a).  When I was 9, at bed time, when the light was turned off, I would see millions of coloured angels.  I was sort of frightened.

So Mum suggested a dim lamp.  It worked.  I could only see them in the dark.

b).  Then at 25 I jumped (for fun) off a cliff at Coogee, into the ocean.  I landed in the water bum first.  Because of the height of the jump the water hit me hard and pushed  my spine in away that totally paralysed.  So there I was under the ocean about 4 metres and totally unable to move.  Just floating under there.  The sun was coming through, the water had alight green colour to it and it was calm under there.  The thing was I could not move even an arm. It had been a while, now, under water and I began to get this surreal realisation that I was going to die, right here, now; this is actually it!

Then suddenly I remembered GOD!

So I said- “GOD if you can help me now and save me, I promise to give my life to you from now on”…  and then in that very instant all my mobility came back and I desperately

propelled myself, upward, to the surface.   I climbed up rocks and was out with only a very sore back.


I immediately forgot about my promise, was busy feeling embarrassed  and got occupied with my life.  Looking back now I feel so fickle, selfish and undeserving…

BUT GOD DIDN’T GIVE UP ON ME STILL – I now know that GOD will chase & chase, if you are someone, who, he has chosen to save.

c).  At 30 I start talking to GOD, or rather him to me.  Sounds weird I know.  The friends I would tell at the time (about 3) would just humour me I think.

This, talking, went on, intermittently, for 10 years.  Looking back now; I was basically praying.  It was an audible conversation, but not with my ears.  GOD would put answers

in my head that were just too infinite and unbiased and frankly – wise to think it was just me.

Over those 10 years I would go in and out of severe doubt on whether this was actually GOD or not.

I will write one more segment of GOD next BLOG.

Thank you for reading with me again, and please leave me a message or question.

Blessings to you.

Prayers to you.

Sincerely, Carl SilverRiver.

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Introduction #1 to: Carl SilverRiver

41 WOW!  I just couldn’t imagine back when I was 21 that I would be here.

Well; I will endeavour to introduce myself to you a little bit; a pinch of my background story.

So over the next 2 to 3 Blog entries I will discuss:


    Carl at 5 years old.

  3. GODS commitment to chasing me

…and from then on my Blogs, essentially, will be about:

  1. The writing process of 12 new songs for my 5th album- with video posts.
  2. GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and the BIBLE.
  3. Songwriting tips- with video posts.

Well, I hope to have you back for the next Blog instalment.

Please write me any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.

 Blessings to you

Prayers to you

Sincerely, Carl SilverRiver.

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